Webasto Air Top 3500 Diesel Heater Sea Recovery Ultra Whisper SPC 400 UWM - 17GPH/ 63 LPH Sigmar Hot Water Heater Poly Planar Stereo with CD Player Poly Planar 6 CD Changer 6 Poly Planer Stereo Speakers - 2 in Cockpit, 2 in Master Cabin, 2 in Saloon Niles Stereo Speaker Selector wit individual volume control per location 6'4" Headroom

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We now offer a 3 year warranty if your heater is fitted at one of our Autoterm certified service centres. Non service centres or self installation still get a 2 year warranty and full technical support. Autoterm diesel heaters are the only heaters in the world that come with a 3 year warranty.Nov 19, 2019 · Last year Autoterm Planar ran a 2 kW diesel heater constantly from a 70 amp/hr battery with a 7 litre fuel tank. It ran for 56 hours. Video on the Autoterm FB page. Update - it failed on the battery with a very small amount of fuel remaining. The battery was off the shelf at Halfords, assumed to be fully charged but not checked. It would be nice if just setting a zone t-stat would enable the heater and start the circ pump. That could be done with relays. As is, the circ pump is using energy (about 4 amps) 24/7 if the heating system is enabled. That's about 100 amps a day so not insignificant.Hey Brian that through hull exhaust fitting I made for the Planar D44 seemed to work pretty good. Directly in front of the exhaust outlet was very hot when the heater was running but the surrounding metal was only barely warm! And zero exhaust smell in the cabin. Poly-Planar ME52 2-Channel 50-Watt Expansion Amplifier The ME-52 is a compact 2-channel 50-watt audio amplifier with separate volume control. The ME52 is designed for adding additional speakers to an existing audio system or for providing amplification to a separate audio zone amp.

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Planar Heaters Ltd. is the exclusive North American distributor of the diesel-fired autonomous heating systems PLANAR manufactured by Russian company Advers (Russia). Planar Heaters Ltd. has been in business since 2013, serving our dealers and customers in Canada and the United States. The Planar heaters are poor copies of Espar heaters. You were probably attracted to them by their low price. There is very bad backup of parts and service - the distributor for Canada told me at the recent Vancouver boat show that after 2 years the heater, at the low price they are asking, owes you nothing when I asked about back-up of parts and service.AIRTRONIC D2 A compact and economical heater. The Airtronic D2 offers optimised fuel effeciency, a range of operation modes and unsurpassed safety standards.
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